Business Etiquette Training

Finesse Worldwide, Inc. offers business etiquette training workshops for individuals and groups large and small. Below is a list of the standard half-day and full-day workshops we offer, but we are able to tailor any business etiquette program to meet your specific needs, time-frame, budget, and special circumstances.

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Who should attend a business etiquette workshop?

Everyone, in any type of business, from new college graduates to senior executives, who want to enhance their social skills to be promoted, improve their personal and professional image, improve their relationships with colleagues and clients, and learn new skills that can help them “stay in the game.”

    • New hires
    • Sales professionals
    • Leadership and management
    • Inter-generational workforces
    • Anyone who works with external customers or clients

Each training program will be tailed to meet your specific needs and Aimee Symington, CEO of Finesse Worldwide, will Provide the following:

    • Pre-session assessment with you and/or your management team to determine the appropriate content for the training program.
    • Tailoring of the presentation for your company. All slides and materials created for this program may be kept and used within your company.
    • On-site meeting prior to the training program to review content and delivery.

Why should you invest in business etiquette training for yourself or your company?

    • Studies show that 80% of a person’s professional success can be attributed to their social skills. Give yourself and your employees the edge to outshine your competitors, build relationships, and attract new customers.
    • Corporate etiquette training teaches skills that positively affect productivity, profits and retention. Empower your employees to transform their work environment and propel your company forward.
    • Individuals who know how to confidently handle themselves at both a dinner and boardroom table and show respect and kindness in any social situation, will get ahead of those who lack these social and business etiquette skills.

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“Thank you for a wonderful presentation. We greatly enjoyed having you here and your presentation was right on point.  Even our more senior lawyers found the presentation and information valuable.”  Horack & Tally LLP