Etiquette For Children

Chilrdren’s Etiquette Classes

children’s etiquette classes in the Charlotte area

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Children’s Etiquette Class for 2016

Children’s etiquette class in Charlotte, NC area for children ages 6-13.

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Do we still have to hand write thank you notes?

Not only is it a good idea for kids to show their gratitude by sending a thank you note, but because so few kids actually do, it makes them (and you) stand out and really make a great impression on the receiver.

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Grandparents Teach Grandchildren Social Skills!

According to a recent Harris Interactive study, grandparents spend more quality time with their grandchildren than previous generations. In fact, the study found that 98 percent of grandchildren learn social skills from their grandparents!

Being such an influencer on grandchildren is a blessing, but it can also be hard to know what manners to teach these children of the digital age, and how to relate to the younger generation to teach these essential social skills which include table manners, electronic etiquette, introduction skills, and how to make a good first impression.

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Etiquette Expert Aimee Symington Featured on NPR

Aimee Symington Featured on NPR The topic was on how Aimee came up with the idea to create a board game on manners and the process for bringing it to market. Aimee talks about what it takes from beginning to end and all of the ups and downs with manufacturing, selling, marketing, and distributing a product. To listen to the NPR segment please click here – Link.

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