Etiquette Training For Students

A good resume and a degree only gets you to the table. Professional behaviors are what get you a job.”  In this tough economic time, college students need to learn essential skills like “Mingling, networking, eating & dressing professionally!”

Matthew Randall, Center for Professional Excellence.

Why Should College Students Receive Etiquette Training?

  • When students augment their college education by learning how to have polished and polite social skills and a professional image, they have an edge over their competitors when interviewing for a job.
  • The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation says that “This generation may have many social media friends, but they have trouble communicating in person.” Therefore, college graduates need to learn such things as how to socialize for business, have polite table manners, and proper electronic etiquette especially when working with people older than themselves.

Why Should You Offer Etiquette Training to Your Students?

  • According to the Center for Professional Excellence, “More than a third of managers think their young hires act less professionally than their predecessors” and that colleges need to “better prepare their students for the business world.”
  • A recent article in the Charlotte Observer newspaper states that progressive colleges around the country are “…offering students instruction in everything from how to make a great first impression to how to dress for work to which bread plate to use. Giving students the kinds of social skills they need to get and keep a job.”

How Can We Help?

We have a number of programs we can conduct onsite at your school or at an off-site location. Programs range from one hour to a full day session. All sessions may be tailored to meet your needs, time-frame and budget.

Some of our programs for students include the following:

Finesse Worldwide has worked with undergraduates and graduate students are universities such as:

  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business
  • Davidson College
  • University of Charlotte Greensboro
  • Queens College
  • Brevard College
  • Charlotte School of Law
  • University of Charlotte

“Aimee worked closely with me to determine the content necessary for our student audience. Her delivery was engaging and concise and she included practical exercises to enforce her message.  Her expertise in American networking and dining etiquette was appreciated by our international students. I really enjoyed working with her.”

– University of Michigan


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