International Etiquette

International Etiquette and International Protocol Training Seminars

Finesse Worldwide’s Aimee Symmington delivering a seminar on international business etiquette to Vietnamese executives at BMW and Bridgestone in Vietnam.

As the growing global economy brings us all closer, the critical element to successful business may be knowledge and respect for cultural differences in business etiquette and protocol.

Executives, managers, and employees at all levels need respect and appreciation for international etiquette to successfully navigate their dealings with international clientele and business partners.

International Etiquette Seminars for Business Professionals

Laurie Firestone, former White House Social Secretary for George Bush, Sr., and Aimee Symington, international business protocol expert, have decades of experience instructing business professionals in international protocol and etiquette throughout the United States and all over the world.

Whether you’re working in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, or the Middle East, Laurie and Aimee can design an international etiquette training seminar tailored to the needs of your business. Finesse Worldwide seminars in international business etiquette provide the essentials you need to

  • increase your credibility while working abroad
  • build stronger relationships with international clients and business partners
  • negotiate the international business environment like a seasoned professional

What can I expect to learn during a seminar on international business etiquette?

In a professional interaction, there are behaviors and etiquette we expect, such as a firm handshake, eye contact, and polite demeanor. Learn how to interact successfully with business partners and clientele from around the world gracefully with an international business etiquette seminar.

Finesse Worldwide seminars on international business etiquette can be tailored to meet the needs of your business, and generally include

  • handshakes and formal greetings
  • dining etiquette
  • conversational protocol
  • business decorum
  • social media best practices
  • ……and much more.

How will your business benefit with international business protocol? Contact Finesse Worldwide today at 704-564-6502 or email Please put “International Protocol” in the subject line and leave a phone number for us to contact you.

Vietnam  Aimee
Finesse Worldwide’s Aimee Symmington appeared on Vietnamese national television as an international etiquette expert. To watch the full TV interview, click HERE.
Aimee and Laurie with Nigerian Executives
Aimee and Laurie with Nigerian Executives
International etiquette
Laurie Firestone with the Queen of England, and First Lady, Mrs. Barbara Bush.


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