Rise: Social Confidence for The New Generation

Modern, educational and fun classes for children in K – 12th grades

2019 Fall Children’s Etiquette Classes – Click HERE to Register

Enroll your K – 10th graders in one of our “Rise: Social Confidence for The New Generation” classes to help them increase their self-confidence, reduce social anxiety, refine their table manners, and help them understand the importance of electronic etiquette and showing kindness and respect to others.

Children in grades K – 10th can participate in one of our Rise: Social Confidence for The New Generation classes in either the south or north Charlotte areas. See below for details.

Rise 1 – Participants Learn:
  • How to show warmth and confidence when meeting others and make polite conversation.
  • Polite table manners before, during and after a meal (no food is served).
  • How to show respect and confidence to peers and adults and make friends.
  • To reduce their social anxiety and feel confident meeting new people.
Rise 3 – Participants Learn:
  • Over a three-course served meal, to set the table and perfect their table manners.
  • To have excellent greeting and conversation skills and show kindness and respect.
  • Cell phone and social media etiquette. 
  • To reduce their social anxiety and feel confident in different settings.
Registration Information: 
  • For Raintree Country Club and Birkdale Golf Club classes click HERE to register.
  • For Carmel Country Club classes, you need to be a member or have a member sponsor you for the class. Call Lauren at 704-954-9630 ext #383 to register.
  • For Davidson Town Hall classes, call 704-892-3349 to register.
Discount Program – Refer a Friend
If you refer someone and they sign up, you receive a $10 credit! Continue to refer for additional discounts. To receive the discount, complete the registration form and provide the information requested. You will be credited after you register. 
What’s included?

In each class, participants receive:

  • Instruction and lots on hands-on practice of each skills with peers.
  • Materials to use in class and to take home.
  • Food and beverages appropriate to the class. The Rise 3 class is over a 3-course meal with two options of entrée, appetizer and desert to choose from.
  • Games, activities, prizes and materials for learning purposes.
  • Rise 1 and 3 culminate in parents attending a portion of the class to watch the children demonstrate what they have learned and to ask the instructor questions.
  • All classes are taught by Aimee Symington, CEO of Finesse Worldwide, etiquette expert with over 15 years’ experience teaching children and adults worldwide.