Black Friday Etiquette

Shopping is NOT a blood sport!


I am not a big shopper, but for the first time ever, I’m going to venture out to South Park Mall on Black Friday. The idea of shopping with millions of other frenzied shoppers does not bring visions of sugar plums, but instead, of crazed people pushing and shoving talking loudly on their cell phones, while their kids scream and run through stores!

Maybe if we all follow these 3 simple tips, we will make Black Friday a little more civil and happy for all. Please forward these Black Friday Etiquette tips to everyone you know so they too can help bring civility to the craziest day of the year!

1. Don’t talk on your cell phones while standing in line. Regardless of how important you deem your phone call, you do not have to stand within earshot of others while you talk on the phone because no one wants to hear your conversation. Try texting instead and then call when you are not around others. Please also put your cell phone away when you finally are checking out so that the clerk and others don’t have to wait for you.

2. Be nice to your kids. It’s best not to even drag your kids along to shop with you because they will be bored and miserable and they will make you miserable. Maybe switch off with a friend and watch each other’s kids for a few hours each. If you do bring your kids to the mall with you, remember to give them breaks, food, and have patients with them and keep your cool because they will most likely hate shopping even if you are having a great time.

3. Think of others. Even though we will all be fighting for the best deals and the best parking spots, remember that the holidays are not all about what we buy, but in fact, it’s about being grateful and being kind to others. So…. how about opening the door for others? Letting an elderly person get the prime parking space? Helping someone carry their bags to their car? Any act of kindness will be appreciated and make the shopping process more enjoyable for everyone.

Good luck with your shopping and the journey to achieving proper Black Friday Etiquette, but most of all, enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends.


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