Sitting at my desk this morning, I came across an independent review of Blunders and my Manner Mats that I thought I’d share with you if you’re looking for unbiased information. Click HERE for the link, or read some of the information below.


Want to Fun Game to Teach Your Child Manners?

We’ve found the best manners game! The Blunders family needs to learn better manners. Pick a Blunder character and play this hilarious (but educational) Blunders game to learn your manners. Be the first Blunder kid to get to the Mannerlys’ Annual Pool Party Extravaganza to win the game.

Manners Game

We love the Blunders board game so much that we sometimes read the cards just for fun! 

manners game

I’m very impressed how Etiquette Expert and game designer, Aimee Symington, made learning manners so engaging for my kids. Kudos to her! (Read more about Aimee Symington here.)

Blunders® Board Game

Sample questions:

Brenda has a cold and during lunch one day her nose starts to run. What should she do?

A. Blow her nose into her napkin.
B. Wipe her nose on her sleeve.
C. Excuse herself from the table and go blow her nose.
D. Wipe her nose on the tablecloth because it’s big and no one will notice.

Another sample question

:manners game

My kids laughed so hard at these questions! And of course, they picked D for their answers. :)

Blunders® Manner Mats™

Also available, and equally enjoyable, are the Manners Mats. We took these on a recent vacation for restaurants. Now we keep them in the car so they’re readily available.

manners game

Don’t you think your kids could use a few manners lessons?

Mine could.

Oh, and after playing this game we found a new “consequence” for elbows on the table — singing “Happy Birthday.” It’s a fun and gentle reminder.

manners game

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