First Impressions

First Impressions

If you walk into a meeting looking down at your cell phone, body hunched over, your body language is saying (yelling actually) to others, “I only care about myself, and frankly, I’m also insecure.”

When you walk through the door, before you even open your mouth, people will look at your clothing, manners, and mannerisms and make a judgment on you and whether or not they like you, trust you, and want to do business with you.

Is your body language saying what you want it to say? To make a great first impression and have confident body language, follow these tips:

1. Exude Positive Energy. Think, act, and look happy and successful.

Even if you have to “fake it until you make it”, go in to any situation with a positive attitude and others will pick up on that. We all know when “that” person walks into the room who’s in a bad mood, is on the “war path”, and just brings negativity in with them. Be the one who people gravitate towards with your positive energy and engaging attitude.


2. Have Confident Posture. Head up, shoulders back, phone away.

Don’t close yourself off from others or give them the wrong opinion about you by walking into a situation where your head down looking at your cell phone. Also, stand up straight like your mama taught you and show you’re a confident person to make a good first impression.


3. Smile. It shows you are confident and people will gravitate towards you.

A smile is easy to do. It doesn’t cost anything. Put a smile on your face when you enter a meeting, the doctor’s office, your child’s school, or anywhere, and you will be greeted with a smile back. People like people who are happy.


4. Give a Strong Handshake. Extend your hand first with full clasp.

Be the first one to extend your hand when meeting someone and you will be in the “power” position. Also, make sure you look the person directly in their eyes as you shake hands because many people tend to look away even for a second and this makes you lose credibility! Have a firm handshake not a “dead fish” one.


5. Have Direct Eye Contact. It adds to your believability and shows you care.

Really look someone in the eyes when they are talking to you so that you show them you are listening and that you care what they have to say. Don’t look around the room, at your phone, or at the other people in the room you’d rather be talking to.


6. Listen. Show you are actively listening by nodding and giving your full attention.

Good listening skills are essential to being charismatic and having people like you. As the saying goes, “People will remember how you made them feel, and not what you talked about.” If you really listen to someone they will truly remember that.


7. Dress Appropriately. Dress for the occasion and for the job you want to have.

People will make a judgment about you based on what you are wearing and how you look so make sure you are communicating what you want. Wear clothes that are appropriate to the occasion and environment and that your clothes are clean, fit well, and in style.


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