Good Manners for Children – Materials to Download Here

Shaking handsGood Manners for Children – Materials to Download Here for FREE

If you would like to teach your children good manners, here are some resources for you to download and print for free. We suggest that you read the materials yourself first, and then share them with your children.

Click Good manners training materials for children

  • Making a great first impression
  • What it looks like to have good manners and show respect to others
  • Table manners

For a Weekly Successful Kids Checklist click Good manners weekly checklist. You can use this every week to reward your children when they demonstrate nice manners.

Good table manners say a lot about the type of person you are.  There is a lot to know about good table manners.  Sometimes, some of them may seem silly and trite, but they are an important part of the good manners code.  It is worth the time it takes to learn good table manners.

Someday soon you will have the chance to have dinner with the parents of the boy or girl you have wanted to go out with for years.  Or you may have lunch with an important college admissions officer.  Or you may be having dinner with someone you want to work for.  Your good table manners will make a lasting impression.  If you dine with dignity, you will look polished and make everyone, including yourself, feel more comfortable.

Never underestimate the good impression you make when you use nice table manners!

Here are some of the basic table manners to remember from the time you sit down to eat until you are excused from the table. Table Manners – Watch a quick video on table manners HERE.

For more information on how you can teach your children to have good manners, please go to the Children’s Etiquette Tab on this website and click on the Manners Tips tab or click HERE.

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