Holiday Etiquette Tips

tipping_uber The holiday season is upon us, so below are the top 5 holiday etiquette tips.

  1. 1.  Tipping Etiquette
  • Prioritize your most important service providers. Give to those people who really make your life easier and better like, for example, your trusted babysitter, the house keeper, and the kids’ bus driver.
  • Handmade gifts or treats. If you cannot afford to give everyone a monetary gift, a plate full of holiday cookies or candy is a low-cost way to express your appreciation.
  • A note should accompany any tip. Your message doesn’t have to be elaborate, but should include a couple of sentences thanking the person for his or her good work and wishing them a happy holiday.

2. Gifting Etiquette

  • Send thank-you note. Ensure that if you (or your children) receive a gift in the mail that you/they promptly send a hand-written thank you note to tell the person (a) that you received it, and (b) that you truly enjoy and appreciate the gift.
  • Set family expectations up-front. Talk to your family about who will be buying what for whom this holiday season. Some families only buy gifts for the children, some keep gifts below a certain dollar value, others pick names from a hat. Whatever your family does decide before it’s too late and someone’s feelings get hurt and a family “issue” develops.


3.  Airplane Etiquette

  • Keep your voice down. Don’t talk too loudly in public spaces like the waiting area or in the plane. Also, keep the volume of your headphones down so your seatmate can’t also hear the music.
  • Don’t take up more space than you really need. Like in the airport terminal, don’t lay your stuff all over while others have no room to sit.

4.  Dining Etiquette

  • Know hosting responsibilities. If you’re hosting a meal, you may ask people to not bring their cell phone to the table. If you typically pray before a meal, but not sure if your guests do, you may still ask people to pray with you as it’s your home. If you’re in someone else’s house, you would just pray silently and not ask your host to pray if that is not something they usually do.
  • Know your table manners. Pass food to the right. Pass salt and pepper together. Put napkin in your lap. No elbows or arms should rest on the table. Either use continental style of eating or American, but not both. Make conversation with those seated to your right, left and across from you.

5.  Show Gratitude

  • Help others. Find a way as a family to help others in need during the holiday season. Donate toys, food, or give money to a charity as a gift to someone. Every family member can do something to help someone else during the holiday season.

Hope these holiday etiquette tips will help you reduce some of the stress the holidays can bring.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays,


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