Interviewing Etiquette

Video: Watch Aimee Symington on Charlotte Today talking about successful interviewing etiquette tips. Click here to watch the video.

Here are some tips for great interviewing etiquette:


Cell off
To have good interviewing etiquette, you must turn your cell phone off! It’s shocking to learn that many people actually forget to turn their cell phone off while in an interview and then are mortified when their phone chimes a Lady Gaga song right after you’ve told the interviewer how you’re detail oriented and customer-focused.

Look good
Wear to the interview what you would think your potential boss’s boss would be wearing.  Also, make sure that you and your shoes are clean so that you look your best from head to toe.

Make a good entrance
When you arrive make sure you’re on time and ready to put on your game face the moment you walk through the door. Be very nice to the receptionist or anyone else you speak with before meeting the interviewer. Chances are the interviewer will ask the others what they thought of you.

Be formal
Shake hands firmly and with confidence when meeting the interviewer. It is important in interviewing etiquette to continue to call him/her by their last name (e.g., Mrs. Smith, Mr. Jones) until they give you permission to use their first name. Sit only where and when asked to sit.

Remember the communication basics
Look the interviewer in the eyes, smile often, and use positive body language such as not folding your arms or hunching over. Mimic the interviewer’s demeanor if possible. This means that if they are slow and quiet then you should be too, but if the person if a fast loud talker they will feel more comfortable with you if you match their style.

After the interview say “thank you”
This step in interviewing etiquette means thank the interviewer in person when the interview is over and then also send them a hand-written thank you note the next day and site what exactly you liked about their company and why you are a great candidate.

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