Manners Survey

Over 100 children between the ages of 10 – 14 answered a 10 question manners survey. More specifically, about what they know and don’t know about manners! The results may surprise you.

The good news is that…

  • 85% know that when they are talking with someone in person that they should not look at their phone if they get a call or text.
  • 87% of kids know that they should first ask a person permission if they can post their picture on social media.
  • 59% know that they should extend their hand immediately to shake someone’s hand when greeting them.

But… why do I feel that kids still always look at their phone when they get a call or text even if they are talking with someone in person? And, do you think kids really ask others if they can post their picture before it is spread on Instragram, Snapchat, etc? If 59% of kids immediately extend their hand to shake hands, then I guess I always meet the other 41% who keep their hands tightly by their side! Does anyone else sense a disconnect?

Other interesting things to note from the manners survey:

  • Only 45% know that at the table food should be passed to the right.
  • Only 28% know that a name-tag should be placed on the right side of your chest.
  • Kids feel most unsure how to confidently greet and talk to adults.
  • Kids think other kids need to have better table manners!

My conclusion?

I think that in general we are doing a good job of teaching our kids manners. Where I think we are falling short is making sure that our kids DO what they know they know they should do! We need to lead by example, give them positive reinforcement when they do something well, and then continue to teach them manners and social skills every day.

To review the full manners survey results please click here – Manners Survey – Results It’s rare that you can get feedback from this many kids on the topic of manners!

If you have any questions on manners or would like more information on my upcoming fall manners classes please go to the children’s etiquette programs page or email me at

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