Distinctions – Modern Manners for the New Generation.

We are proud to announce that Finesse Worldwide will be offering a new program in 2014 for children!

In Charlotte and Huntersville, NC, Finesse Worldwide will offer the first ever Cotillion type program for children in grades 5 – 7 called “Distinctions”.

This 7 hour program includes all of the important etiquette lessons children need to know, but without all of the “old-fashioned stuff” they don’t need! Distinctions will also be taught in a fun and exciting way to engage kids – not bore them.

A Distinctions program will take the place of Cotillion for a child, and in fact, in only ONE program children will learn all of the essential etiquette lessons they need without having to attend year after year. Children will learn the following appropriate to their age group:

  • Table manners and dining etiquette
  • Confident introductions
  • Polite greeting skills and making small talk
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Social media manners
  • Host and guest skills
  • How to show respect and kindness to peers and adults
  • School etiquette
  • Communicating confidence and charisma

Why is Distinctions better than Cotillion?

  • Children learn the modern manners they need today! So instead of learning how to eat cookies and punch at a dance, or sit properly at a dinner party, kids learn the social skills they need now that are relevant to their generation. They will learn how to confidently greet people to make a great first impression, have nice table manners, be safe and polite using social media, have proper cell phone etiquette, and learn how to show respect and kindness towards others.
  • Children can wear whatever they want to the first 3 classes and they only have to dress up for the last class! It’s great for children to learn that you need to have modern manners every day and not just when you’re dressed up. Plus, being comfortable helps kids relax and have more fun so that they are open to learning.
  • We teach the Waltz, Shag and popular dances, but we do not spend time teaching children how to do the foxtrot, because really, when is the last time you did the Foxtrot?
  • Each program is broken up into four 1.5 hour sessions on a Sunday, with an additional hour on the last day which includes a formal dance. Instead of having to dedicate 5 weeks to attend Cotillion, Distinctions is concluded in four sessions which makes it easier for the whole family.
  • Instead of children sitting still and “properly” in circle throughout a Cotillion class, participants in our program will be up and moving around, doing activities and games to keep them entertained and engaged. We use multimedia to show videos, do live-time polling, play music, and use new technologies to teach kids the way they want to learn!


TO REGISTER for Distinctions – Modern Manners

By January 1, 2014 the session schedule will be posted so please check back to register online.

A maximum of 40 children (20 girls and 20 boys) for each grade level will be selected for each program so please sign up early as spaces will book quickly!

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