Office Etiquette Tips – What You Must Know!

Office Etiquette Tips

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your career is not understanding that there are certain codes and etiquette to abide by in the workplace.

If you’re not careful, you may even lose opportunities because others may be put off by your lack of professionalism.

Essential office etiquette tips:

  1. Share the credit.Not acknowledging a colleague’s work can ruin your reputation. You won’t come across as a team player, but instead you will come across as a self-indulgent individual who just cares about his or her promotion.
  2. Office attire should be on the conservative side.Not all offices are the same so think about who you’re meeting with and then plan your wardrobe accordingly. Never wear clothes that are too revealing, messy or “crazy”, and don’t wear running shoes to work and then change.
  3. Be on time.Being punctual says a lot about your personal values. When you’re constantly late, you are basically giving a silent message that you don’t care enough about others or their time.
  4. Don’t gossip or talk about too personal of things.Talking badly about someone else in the office will get out and will do you no good! Also, even if you are friends with someone at work, do not talk about real personal issues while you are on the clock. It’s not appropriate and can make others feel uncomfortable.
  5. Don’t be intrusive.Don’t be too loud, take personal calls around others, have a dirty or messy workspace, wear too much perfume, have a loud or inappropriate ringtone, or eat smelly things.
  6. Don’t interrupt your colleagues. Not only is it disrespectful but it’s a sign of bad social skills.
  7. Have professional emails.An email should be handled as a formal letter, and can be kept on a company’s record for years so make sure they are well written.
  8. Don’t come to work if you’re too sick.The rule of thumb is “if you’re contagious you should stay home.” But if you just have sniffles you should be at the office.

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