The Power of Charisma

The power of charisma is undeniable! A charismatic person is someone who others want to be around, listen to, hire, and promote. Here are some tips for becoming more charismatic.

Being Charismatic Means You:

•Build and maintain great relationships
•Consistently influence (in a good way) people around you
•Consistently make people feel better about themselves


The Power of Charisma – 3 Main Ingredients:

Expressiveness – spontaneously strike up conversations and easily convey feelings
Control – the ability to fine-tune your persona to fit the mood and social makeup of any group
Sensitivity – a gift for listening and sussing out other people’s mind-sets

MIT Proves It!

“Charisma also shines through in gestures as simple as nodding your head when another person is talking, holding eye contact, and trading smiles, sures, and uh-huhs, which all demonstrate that you’re listening—and ascribing importance—to what’s being said. “

“Such mimicking behaviors create a feedback loop that helps two people bond. If we’re nodding at and copying each other, we feel empathetic.”

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