January 27, 2012
Determine dietary restrictions If you are hosting a dinner party, it is nice to know if anyone has any allergies or dietary restrictions before you set your menu. You will make it easier for everyone if you serve something that most people like and no one will break out in hives eating!   Offer non-alcoholic...
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Whine vs. Wine Deciding whether or not to take the kids shopping with you depends on what you want to accomplish on your shopping trip.  If you want a quick family outing where everyone helps shop and you buy what you need before the whining begins then by all means take the kids. If you...
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Whether you’re complaining about something in person, over the phone, in writing, or through social media like Facebook or Twitter, if you have nice manners you will have more effective communication, which will give you better and quicker results. Consider Your Complaint 
Is your complaint valid or trivial? Think about what can be accomplished by...
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