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Many parents I meet tell me that they try and try and try to teach their children manners, but that sometimes their kids just don’t listen. I’ll admit that my own daughter, when she was about 8 years-old, told me that she did not need to put her napkin in her lap because I made up that rule! Even after insisting that moms all over the world are telling their kids to put their napkin in their lap, she still didn’t believe me!

Here are some resources for you to help teach your children the essential manners and social skills they need for success. If you want more, please go to the “Children’s Etiquette” tab on the website and there are many more videos and resources.


Top 5 Manners Chart – Click HERE

Teach Children Table Manners TV Segment – Click HERE

Teach Children Restaurant Etiquette TV Segment – Click HERE

Conversation Skills TV Segment – Click HERE

Social Media Etiquette – Click HERE


If you are interested in having your child attend a children’s social skills and etiquette class, please contact me for a complete list of my public classes, or to arrange one for your school or group. Aimee Symington at 704-564-6502 or aimee@finesseworldwide.com.

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