Thank-You Note Etiquette

Should your kids have to send them after they receive a gift for their birthday or on a holiday?

The answer is… YES!

Yes, your children should send thank you cards for gifts they received over the holidays. And given that it is already the first week of January, they (and you) better get on it!

Proper thank-you note etiquette entails a note being sent if…

  • A gift was sent by mail. It’s especially important so that the person knows it was received. Also, since they did not get to see you open the gift, it is nice for you to tell them how much you liked it and what you or when you intend on using it.

For example: “Dear Grandma, thank you so much for sending me the beautiful sweater from The Gap. I really love it and I even wore it to school my first day back. The blue color is perfect and it matches my favorite scarf. I really hope to see you soon. I love you, Emma”

  • The person was not there to see you open the gift. It’s nice to let them know what you thought about it!
  • You were invited to attend a special event or party. Send the host a nice note and you will sure be invited back!
  • Your child spent the night at someone’s home for more than just a regular sleep over.
  • You and/or your family spent time staying at someone’s home (even your own parents). It is nice to say “thank you” again to show how much you appreciated them opening up their house to you.

When you send a hand-written thank you note versus just sending an email or text, it shows that you really care because it takes more time, effort and even money! Stand out from others and really show your gratitude by using proper thank-you note etiquette. This is a great lesson to teach your children also!

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Aimee Symington, CEO of Finesse Worldwide, Inc. with offices in Charlotte and San Francisco. Aimee is the creator of the award-winning board game on manners called Blunders®. Aimee has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show and is the etiquette expert for Charlotte Today. Parents and Good Housekeeping magazines feature Aimee’s advice on manners. Aimee has been an etiquette instructor for over 15 years.

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