The Human Effect: Patient-Centered Communications

The Human Effect is a form of Patient-Centered Communications Training. Laurie Firestone and Aimee Symington are working with an elite Advisory Board of doctors to create a patient-centered communications training program geared towards physicians.

Improving physicians’ ability to make a personal connection with their patients by effectively communicating information and showing respect and empathy, will produce a better physician-patient rapport and strengthen loyalty. The outcome of The Human Effect could be substantially less malpractice lawsuits, saving insurance companies millions of dollars each year.

In training professionals in areas such as international protocol, professional image and attire, office etiquette, and business and dining etiquette, Finesse Worldwide has a great deal of knowledge on The Human Affect to offer practitioners in the medical field.

Our unique perspective towards understanding physician-patient communication, perceptions and image, enable us to deliver training about The Human Effect to healthcare professionals in a distinctive and highly successful manner.

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