If an invitation asks you to tell the host if you are planning to attend by a certain date, make sure that you do call or email to let him/her know if you will attend the party or not.

Offer to bring something
Even if you have not been asked, it is certainly polite to ask the host if you can bring something like a bottle of wine. Hosting a party is expensive and most hosts would appreciate the offer.

Say “Thank you”
Whether you’re attending a small dinner party or a large hoe-down, it’s still nice to either call or send a hand-written thank you note the next day. It tells the host that you appreciated being invited and shows you have wonderful manners.

Don’t buy a hostess gift
Have your children make one instead. Ask your children to each make a card or small gift like hand-picked flowers, a potholder, or drawing and give it to either the hostess or to his/her children. The host will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Eat before you go or bring your own food
If you have a child that is a picky eater and you think will not eat the food that is served at the party you have two choices. Best choice is to feed your child before you go so that if they end up not eating anything at the party at least they won’t be hungry. If you know the host well, you could bring something to the party such as a sandwich or yogurt that you know your child will eat thus avoiding the need for the host to make a separate dinner for your son because he’s starving.

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