Times are tight so there are ways you can cut back and still show that you care about the people in your life.

There are a couple of options. Ask your family if they would like to each buy for only one or two people in the family so that at the holidays everyone has a couple of nice gifts to open and no one has burst their wallet. Or, if there are a lot of children in the family then suggest that all of the adults just buy gifts for the kids. A last option is to exchange coupons with the adults in the family. Examples of this are to give a coupon good for happily cleaning out the garage, giving a back massage every Sunday, painting a picture of the whole family, or doing your brother-in-law’s taxes for free since you are an accountant!

Check with your Human Resources department to find out what the gift giving policy is and then only give something small and practical like a Starbucks card or gift card. Nothing too expensive or personal.

To save money with your friends suggest that instead of giving gifts that you all go out together for dinner or that you do something like a “Secret Santa” gift exchange.  With service people consider giving them baked goods or something homemade.

Check out the Gift Giving Video for more useful tips!

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