Write legibly
This means skip all of the acronyms unless you’re sure the receiver will understand, and do not abbreviate so much that the person has a hard time knowing what you are saying. Your email should also be written with proper grammar and punctuation. If you can’t take the time to do this why should someone take the time to read your email?

Think about the tone and intent of your email
Before sending the email, think about how the receiver will interpret what you are writing. If you write in all caps people will think you’re screaming at them. If you are too curt then maybe they’ll think you’re mad. If you are too direct then you’re being bossy and insensitive. Taking an extra few seconds to review what you have written can make all of the difference and avoid miscommunication. Also, always remember that you’re email can be forwarded to anyone at any time so make sure you are comfortable with everything you are writing.

Copy others with care
Make sure you only copy those people who need to read the email. If you copy someone who doesn’t need to see the email, they may be annoyed that you are wasting their time. If you copy someone only for political reasons and to cover your behind then that will annoy others as well.


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