Know who the host of the meal is
The host is responsible for making and communicating the plans, making a toast if necessary, and paying the bill. It’s also good to know if there isn’t a specific host so that you can be prepared to pay for your own meal.

Wait for the host
Wait for them to order her/her drink before you do so that you know if you should order an alcoholic beverage or not.

Be average when it comes to ordering
Order an averaged priced meal and drink. You don’t want to insult anyone by ordering something too cheap or too expensive.

Put all electronics away!
Unless you are expecting an urgent call, just turn your cell phone off so that you are not tempted to look at every test, email, and call that comes in. Never use your phone while you’re at the table. If you have to call or text someone, politely excuse yourself and then briefly leave the table.

If you are not the host, offer to pay your portion of the bill
Thank the host for dinner in person and even the next day in an email or phone call. If you really want to make an impression, a hand-written thank you note would go a long way.

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