Place your name tag on the right side of your chest
This helps people discreetly read your name when you’re shaking hands.

If it’s a business function then eat before you go
Your main objective at these functions is to network and not eat.

Hold your drink in your left hand
Do this so that you leave your right hand free to quickly shaking hands.

Introduce people properly and make connections
Rules of thumb in an introduction are that you always say the name of the most “important/senior” person first. Or if all people are equally important, you would say the name of the oldest woman first. For example… “Shelly, I’d like to introduce to you, John Jones. John is our firm’s CFO. John, I’d like you to meet Shelly Smith who is our new client from McMillion & Associates.” Then, make a connection that can start a conversation. For example, “Shelly, John is also from Michigan. Where exactly did you used to live in Michigan?”

Review your connections
If the purpose of the cocktail party was for networking, review all of the business cards you received and within a few days contact all of them via email or by phone to follow up or just say that it was a pleasure to meet them.

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